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Sea Moss is great for facials as well. Ever since I started using Sea Moss as part of my nightly facial routine I have seen a change in my skin. I normally have very very oily skin. Even after washing my face several times, it goes right back to oily. Since using Sea Moss I have noticed that my face is not becoming oily as quickly as it use to. I have also notice that my face feels tighter, and smoother. I have used Sea Moss on my face by itself, and I have mixed it with my facial Exfoliant. I prefer to use it by itself  

Taime S.

Sm360 Wellness provides Sea Moss in a gel form in a sealed 16 oz jar. So far I have been very impressed from the business aspect of the company. My product has been delivered 2 days after placing my order consistently. Each product comes packaged with an ice pack to keep the gel at an acceptable temperature. The product is well packaged to prevent any damage to the jars. Over all 5 out of 5 rating for the business.

Sea Moss has been linked to a number of potential benefits. What I've learned and been told is that its effects can be different for different people. The human body consists of 102 minerals and sea moss contains 92 of them. Its supposed to be good for your immune system, digestion, healthy weight, hair, skin & nail growth as well as healthy thyroid, improves metabolism and improved Libido. I've used the product for 2 weeks. I'm taking 2 tablespoons a day mixed in my coffee. I can see and feel a difference with my digestion and energy levels. I'm sleeping a lot better since I started the product. I'm hopeful that the other benefits of the Sea Moss which are health related are potentially improving as well. I can say I will continue to support SM360 Wellness as my source to purchase Sea Moss. 

Cornelius B.

I've been taking SM360 Sea Moss daily and I can definitely feel a difference. It has reduced my cravings and suppressed my appetite. Overall, I feel better!

Tyra A.

"Definitely authentic Sea Moss for sure! I've been mixing it with my shake in the morning. Shipped well and packed fresh! Looking forward to using it daily."

Ayana T.

I've been taking SM360 for two weeks. Its super simple... just add a scoop to whatever or take it straight. Being home all day, I like that it curbs my appetite. Also with COVID,why no boost your immune system. Since taking SM360 Sea Moss, my allergies have subsided as well. Just ordered another jar. 

Eric M.

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